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If that’s your idea of a rewarding career, congratulations! You have arrived. The promise of giving you more opportunities of connecting, co-creating, and celebrating at work than you can possibly imagine is just the first that we make to you. We provide early leadership opportunities and learning avenues that connect associates’ aspirations to achievements and have made celebrating a way of life at POSTpi.

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Why Join POSTpi

Health Insurance

We recognize the importance of planning for medical contingencies and extend Health Insurance benefits to all our employees and their immediate dependents, to provide financial coverage during medical emergencies

Competitive salary

We offer you competitive salary typically means that the salary the employer may offer you will be equal to or more than the industry standard for that job title in that location.

Parental Care Leave

Any family/dependent care/child care/ paternity leave prescribed by local regulations will be made available to eligible employees

Flexi Work Arrangement

To help associates balance their professional and personal commitments during emergency situations

Personal Growth

The best people makes the best team,we find right people that can leave a mark in our organization Everyone has a voice on the table and diversity of thoughts, styles and actions is celebrated.So we are here to help you grow your career to next level

We Value

As we continue to grow, we don’t lose sight of what’s most important — Our team. It’s a workplace where coworkers become friends. Every day we care for our team. Care is at the heart of our organization, so we welcome you to dynamic family.

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